How to Remove Tattoos?

Are you done with your back or neck tattoos and wondering how to remove tattoos? If that’s the case, you have hit just the right spot. Today,I would like to share details of all available tattoo removal methods so that you know your options.

Although you have different options, it doesn’t mean all of them are effective. It’s vital to understand which method is the most effective so you don’t leave a scar on your body.

How to Remove Tattoos? Know Your Options

Before I recommend the best tattoo removal option, I want you to understand what options are available in the market. So, let’s get started and unveil every option you have.

  1. Salabrasion & Dermabrasion

When you tap on the most traditional way to remove tattoos, you hear about Salabrasion. In this method, the salt-based solution is used for abrasion of skin layers like the epidermis and dermis. As far as dermabrasion is concerned, it involves using a rotating mechanical instrument for skin layer abrasion. Although they are old techniques, they are quite painful. They often cause permanent, visible damage to the epidermis.

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2. Skin Excision

It is a surgical option for removing tattoos. The biggest shortcoming of this method is a scar, which you want to avoid having on your skin. This method is OK for small tattoos, but when you have large tattoos, it becomes a challenging experience. Many times, a surgeon uses skin grafts alongside this method. Must understand: How Does Tattoo Removal work?

3. Subcutaneous Injections of Solutions

In this method, a physician will inject glycolic acid-based or another kind of solution under the skin so that they can affect tattoo ink. Although this method is performed in many clinics, a proven study on its effectiveness has yet to be conducted. The reason is that the ink-solution mixture may or may not expel from the dermis to the epidermis.

4. Tattoo Removal Cream

When you are looking for a budget-friendly way to get rid of a tattoo, a tattoo removal cream is a good option. However, it’s not the effective one. No matter what type of ingredients are added to a cream, they can’t remove ink from the dermis. Creams are good for fading color and ink, but they won’t be helpful in the complete removal of a tattoo.

5. Laser Tattoo Removal

If you want to use advanced technology, then laser tattoo removal in Skin Club, South Florida, is your best bet. 

There is a complete study on Picosecond Laser for Tattoo Removal. According to research, the clearance score was 92 percent for black tattoos, 85 percent for yellow tattoos, 80 percent on red,79 percent on purple, etc.

How to Remove Tattoo in the Best Manner?

Finally, you know all the options to eliminate tattoos from your skin. The surgical method is the last choice, as you don’t know exactly what will happen. If you are OK with pain, then traditional methods of Derma abrasion are available. Tattoo removal creams might seem cost-effective, but they never bring the most desirable results you are looking for. 

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So, the best way to remove tattoos is through the laser method. It’s an effective method, regardless of the size of your tattoo. Chances of scar tissues are there. But when you get treatment from Skin Club South Florida, our experts will offer other treatment options, such as microdermabrasion, to reduce scar tissue and let the skin produce collagen.

How to Remove Tattoos- Wrap up

Whenever you want to say goodbye to your tattoos, try to pick the right tattoo removal method. Because if you don’t, then you will spend your money but won’t get the results you are looking for. Laser Tattoo removal is the most effective and safe treatment to consider.

At Skin Club South Florida, we help our clients remove their tattoos without causing any damage to their skin. Book a free consultation and plan your treatment now.

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