Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? Explained

Every person wants to consider the negative and positive sides of a tattoo removal procedure before pursuing it. And definitely, it’s the best way to get any treatment. If the question “Does Tattoo Removal hurt” is hammering your mind and it’s time to relax and get the answer below.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? Know Before You Go

Yes, laser hair removal includes some level of pain. Every person is different. Some people experience a high level of pain, while others don’t experience any pain at all.

Although pain is involved, you should understand how painful tattoo removal is. The good news is most people report that pain from tattoo removal is precisely the same as getting a tattoo. It’s good news because you already have an experience and know how it feels. 

If you need a description of pain during a laser tattoo removal procedure, it feels like a rubber band is snapping against your skin. That means it will be an uncomfortable procedure but quite breathable.

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Another good news is that you don’t need to endure the pain if you don’t want to. At Skin Club South Florida, we aim to bring the utmost comfort to our patients. If you are sensitive and don’t want to go through any painful procedure, you can ask us, and we will make some arrangements for you.

What does it mean?

It means we will offer you a solution to this problem. Generally, there are two solutions.

Traditional Numbing Method

A numbing cream is applied 30 minutes before the treatment so the treated area goes numb, and you don’t have to experience any pain. Some old-fashioned spas use ice packs to numb the site, but we don’t usually employ this method. Lidocaine injections are another traditional approach you can consider.

Modern Numbing Method 

This method uses a chilling machine before, during, and after the procedure. Cold air is blown over the skin to numb it, making laser tattoo removal in Deerfield Beach as comfortable as possible.

You experience pain because your skin is constantly exposed to laser light, which causes a hot sensation. So, when cold air is blown continuously, it will counteract this burning sensation, making you feel great.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? Know Some Facts

Yes, laser hair removal is painful somehow. But numbing solutions are there to make this pain as bearable as possible. Some people experience more pain than others due to the placement of a tattoo at a sensitive place. If you have a tattoo close to bone and nerve endings, its removal will never be an exciting experience for you. For example, tattoo removal from the spine will be a challenging experience. The tattoo removal procedure on the neck will be painful too. 

So, the further your tattoo is from bone and never endings, the less painful laser removal will be.

Does Tattoo Removal Hurt? Final Words

Laser tattoo removal involves some level of pain, but you can handle it through traditional and modern numbing solutions. 

If you want to enjoy a comfortable treatment, you should book an appointment at Skin Club South Florida, where expert technicians ensure you get what you want without discomfort. Book today and escape the pain!

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