Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Tattoos? Truth Unlocked

When you have tattoos on your body, it’s pretty normal to wonder, “ Does Laser hair removal affect tattoos? Before you plan a session. So, if that’s what you are thinking nowadays, it’s time to stop searching for the Answer and get detailed answers to your queries and concerns about laser hair removal and tattoos.

So, are you ready to uncover details?

Quick Answer Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Tattoos? 

Yes, it does affect your tattoos. Now you might be thinking about the effects this procedure can bring. Well, if you have a body tattoo and you get laser hair removal treatment over this tattoo, it may burn your skin, damage the pigment or skin, or, in the worst cases, may leave some scars.

Does it mean you shouldn’t get laser treatment when you have a tattoo? Not; it will work if you have a tattoo on your forearms and want to remove hair from your underarm. If you have a tattoo on your thigh and you want to remove hair from your legs, it’s another possible scenario. The most challenging scenario is when you have a tattoo on your back and want to get laser hair removal treatment in Deerfield Beach across your back.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Tattoos?

I told you that your tattoo will get affected by laser hair removal treatment. Now you will be wondering how. During this treatment, laser light removes work by identifying pigmentations in your body. When you have a tattoo on your body, then it might interfere with the laser light. Laser light targets the pigment in the deep layer of skin so that it can damage the follicles. 

When you apply laser light over a tattooed area, the light can’t differentiate between tattoo ink pigment and skin pigment. It may target tattoo ink; thereby, your skin may burn and get damaged. You’ll experience pain by performing laser hair removal over your tattoo. 

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Laser hair removal is safe as long as it is performed in the vicinity of a tattoo. You must set realistic expectations from your laser treatment when you have tattoos all over your body. Remember that our Skin Club South Florida technicians can only target skin around the tattoo. 

Does laser hair removal remove tattoos?

Some patients think that laser hair removal treatment can also remove their tattoos. It is not the case. The laser technology used to destroy hair differs from one employed in Laser Tattoo removal. 

Thankfully, at Skin Club South Florida, we offer both treatments. You can book a session for laser hair removal and tattoo removal

If you want to get both treatments, we suggest you opt for tattoo removal first. Once the tattoo is removed, we will have a greater area to perform laser hair removal, and it’s how you will get some amazing results.

In case you are not sure, book a consultation session. We will share a customized treatment plan with you.

Does Laser Hair Removal Affect Tattoos? Final Thoughts

Yes, Laser hair removal treatment in Florida will harm your tattoos. It would be best if you didn’t get treatment over the tattoo, but it’s safe to have therapy around it.

At Skin Club South Florida, we ensure you get 100 percent safe laser hair removal treatment even when you have tattoos. We use advanced technology and expertise to work around your tattoo, not over it.

Do you want a safe and precise laser hair removal treatment in Deerfield? Feel free to contact us; you can enjoy hair-free skin with tattoos on some areas of your body. Call now and book an appointment today!

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